Patient & Donor Stories

Plasma can’t be made in a lab, so the lives of patients who need plasma-based therapies truly depend on the commitment and generosity of plasma donors. These are real-life stories about what plasma makes possible in the lives of our donors, patients, and their families. It’s stories like these that inspire people to be part of our plasma donation community every day.

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What Plasma Makes Possible

Plasma-based medicines change and save lives for patients with hemophilia, immune deficiency, in trauma care, and more.

Patient Stories: Austin

Plasma-based medicines make it possible for patients with diseases like hemophilia to receive therapies needed to lead healthy lives.

Patient Stories: Julie

Plasma-based medicines make it possible for patients’ families to have peace of mind about their loved-one's health and safety.

Donor Stories: Michael

Safe and easy blood plasma donations make it possible for plasma donors to help others and give back while making a little extra money.

Donor Stories: Sherry

Loyal donors give blood plasma year after year, making it possible to create medicines that change and save the lives of mothers and babies.

“I became a plasma donor after a friend told me about it.”

I wanted to learn more, so I went online to read about the process, what to expect, and where to find a donation center location near where I live. My first visit to the center took a little more time because I was a new donor. The process went smoothly, the staff were friendly and helpful in explaining things, and I had a good overall experience. I’ve been coming back ever since and have been donating plasma for about 3 years now. I feel good about the fact that every plasma donation I make goes toward helping other people. I also appreciate that it puts a little more change in my pocket every week. It’s definitely something to share with family and friends.

-Winston D., Octapharma Plasma Donor

“I donate plasma because I want to help other mothers have safe pregnancies and healthy babies.”

I am a mother of two. I first learned about donating plasma after my second son was born. I am Rh negative and was at risk for complications during pregnancy. I didn’t know much about the Rh-factor at the time, but I learned that I needed plasma-based treatment during my pregnancy in order to prevent harm to my developing child. I am truly grateful for that treatment and for the health of both my babies.

Because of this personal experience, I decided to become a plasma donor. I wanted other mothers to benefit from medicines that help support safe, full-term pregnancies and healthy babies. When I first started donating, I was a single mom working full time and also working my businesses from my home. The extra income I earned from my donations helped me to support my family. Now over 30 years later, my sons are grown, I run two successful businesses, and yet I continue to donate plasma every week, most times twice a week.

I donate plasma because I made a commitment to myself, to my family, to my sisters - who had similar challenges during pregnancy - and to all the mothers out there who deserve the same opportunity to be the parents of healthy, happy children.

-Sherry P., Octapharma Plasma Donor

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