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You now have access to OctaPass with the new OctaApp
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  • A faster, easier way to complete the health questionnaire every time you donate
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Engineered for donor safety.*

You saved lives. Do it again. Use OctaPass to save time.

  • Complete the day of your donation. Not valid for future donation dates.
  • OctaPass is a QR code (2-D barcode) with the donor information and answers encoded within the barcode. Print the OctaPass or save it to the mobile device.
  • Bring your OctaPass to the center and proceed directly to the screening line.
  • Be sure to fill out all OctaPass fields completely and accurately. Do not include any suffixes when completing the “Last Name” field (i.e. “Sr.", "Jr", "I", "II", "III", etc).
  • For assistance, please direct all questions, issues, and/or feedback to your donor center management team.
  • OctaPass is only valid for use at your “current” or “home” center. Details regarding transferring to a new location are covered in the FAQ section.

Our goal is to improve the donor experience by providing more safety and convenience.

* New donors or donors that have not donated in 180-days must complete their health history questionnaire at the donor center.

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The information you enter will be saved by the browser. If you are accessing this website from a shared or public device, you should clear the saved information by clicking the [Clear all] link available on the Find Donor Screen.

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