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Earn $$ for each new donor you refer
Important Update: A new referral program is launching on September 30, 2021. Generated referral codes with the current program are only valid until September 29, 2021.

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Your info to receive your bonus Let your friends know who referred them and who to mention when they donate.

*You agree that you have permission to send this offer/info to those you are inviting.
How it works
Invite your friends
They have to be first-time donors and must bring their email invite with them.
How you'll get paid
Friends complete 2 plasma donations
Once that’s completed, get your $100 bonus for each referral after your next plasma donation. And when your friends complete their 3rd plasma donation you get an additional $50 bonus after your next donation.
Don’t forget to remind your friends to donate
*Referred donors must be first time donors at Octapharma Plasma and not already in Octapharma’s system. Both referring and referred donors must donate at the same Octapharma Plasma center for the referring donor to receive the bonus. Referred donor will receive a unique, non-transferable code in their email invite. Referred donor must provide the unique referral code and full first and last name of referring donor during the sign-up process on their very first visit. Sign-up alone is not a basis for referral credit. After the referred donor has completed two donations, the referring donor will receive a $100 bonus on their next donation. When referred donor completes their third donation, the referring donor will receive an additional $50 bonus on their next donation. All donations must be completed within 60 days of initial donation. This referral bonus can be cancelled at any time at the discretion of Octapharma Plasma.

If you send an offer or other information on behalf of Octapharma Plasma you agree that you have the right to send that information. If you provide Octapharma Plasma with the contact information of any invitees, you agree that you have the right to provide that information.You, as the sender, agree that they will not send communication to anyone who has requested not to receive any information about the brand or program (e.g., “opted out”). You, as the sender, agree that they will not use an email-to-text message system, or other automated sending system.


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