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Your questions are important to us. Please check out these FAQs to help address any questions you have.

About Plasma Donation

  • How often can I donate?

    Octapharma Plasma adheres to all U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines, which permit two plasma donations within a seven-day period, with at least 48 hours in between donations. Your body replaces the donated plasma within 24 to 48 hours. This means that if you donate on Monday, you can donate again on Wednesday. So, drink plenty of water following donations to help your body replace fluids.
    If you want to permanently switch the days that you donate, that is not a problem. Most people wait a full seven-days in-between weekly schedules to guarantee they can select any new days they prefer to avoid any issues. Contact your local donation center staff to discuss the easiest way to change your schedule.
  • Where can I donate? What are your hours?

    We have more than 150 donation centers across the United States. You can find your local Octapharma Donation Center and their hours on our Donation Centers page.
  • Can I transfer centers?

    Yes! Transferring between Octapharma Plasma centers is easier than ever! You can easily transfer to donate at the center that’s most convenient for you, with no wait time or paperwork. Transferring centers won’t affect your donor qualification status and can be completed at a kiosk. See your new donation center staff for help or questions about transferring.
  • What is plasma?

    Plasma is the liquid part of your blood that carries red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. It’s made mostly of water and proteins. Because it has so much protein in it, plasma is used to make life-saving medicines that treat patients who have experienced trauma, have bleeding disorders, have trouble fighting infections because of immune diseases, and more.
  • How does plasma donation work?

    Donating plasma is similar to giving blood. A trained staff member called a phlebotomist puts a sterile needle in your arm vein to draw blood. The blood is then cycled through special, sterile equipment that separates plasma from the other parts of your blood. Your plasma is then collected in a container, while the other parts are safely returned to your body. This process is called plasmapheresis.
  • Is donating plasma safe?

    Yes. All material that comes in contact with your blood is sterile and used only 1 time for your plasma donation. Our highly trained staff follows strict guidelines to make sure you’re comfortable and safe throughout the process. Our plasma centers follow all required U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory standards for plasma donation.
  • What is plasma used for?

    Your protein-rich plasma is used to create a number of life-saving medicines that treat patients with rare, chronic, and inherited diseases. These plasma-based medicines are used in emergency medicine or trauma, for bleeding disorders like hemophilia, and to treat patients whose bodies have trouble fighting infections because of immune diseases.
  • Are there any risks or side effects?

    There are few to no side effects and minimal risk involved in donating plasma. Some donors might experience small bruising near where the needle was put in their arm. It’s also possible you might feel a little dizzy or lightheaded after donating plasma.

Debit Cards

  • I need to talk to someone about my Debit Card.

    Although Octapharma Plasma issues the prepaid card to donors, you will need to contact the associated debit card provider directly for questions specific to your card. Debit card providers are able to help with, but are not limited, to the following:
    • How do I check my card balance?
    • My card is lost or stolen. How can I get a replacement?
    • Can I add money to my card?
    • Who do I talk to about charges on my card?
    • I forgot my pin number. How do I reset it?
    We have two debit card providers. Here is contact information for each: Northlane Debit Card Comdata Debit Card
  • My Octapharma Plasma prepaid card charges fees to use it.

    Your Octapharma Plasma prepaid card can be used free of fees for both credit and debit purchases. Credit, point-of-sale transactions are fee-free every time you make a purchase where Visa/Mastercard is accepted. Swipe your card, select credit, and sign for your purchase.
    Both Northlane and Comdata charge $1.50 fee for ATM withdrawals. Please see the card insert provided with your card for a listing of all card fees. You can use the ATM locator associated with your card type to find an in-network ATM that doesn’t charge additional bank fees on top of that:
    If you would like to follow up further, or if you have additional questions, please contact your local donation center:


  • Why am I deferred?

    Plasma donation is regulated by the FDA and there are a number of reasons we must unfortunately defer donors from making a donation. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our donors and our patients, and any deferral is made with that priority in mind. Please know we always make deferrals a last resort. The most common deferral reasons are:
    • Blood Pressure – We are not allowed under FDA guidelines to accept a plasma donation when a donor has an elevated blood pressure. The best way to avoid a blood pressure deferral is to avoid exercise or strenuous activity prior to donating, ensure you are calm and relaxed before donating, and avoid high salt foods in your diet.
    • Hydration – Donors who arrive dehydrated are not allowed to donate; poor hydration can lead to complications or extend the donation time. The best way to avoid dehydration is to drink plenty of water the day before and the day of donating. And remember, coffee and alcohol dehydrate the body.
    • COVID-19 - If you were recently ill with COVID-19, there is a 2-week deferral time after a negative test before you can donate again. Additionally, if you recently received a Johnson & Johnson (live attenuated) COVID-19 vaccine there is a 14-day deferral time. There is no deferral time with the Pfizer and Moderna (nucleic acid/RNA origin) COVID-19 vaccine. If you do not know the origin or manufacturer of the vaccine, there is a 14-day deferral time.
    • New Mothers – We appreciate new mothers want to donate plasma, but they are not eligible to donate plasma if they are currently pregnant. They may be eligible to donate 6-months after delivery (this includes C-section), a miscarriage, or terminating a pregnancy. They are not eligible to donate while they are nursing (breast-feeding) a baby.
    • Dress Code – We implement a customer dress code to ensure the safety and comfort for all our valued donors. Donors who choose to not abide by this dress code are advised on appropriate attire and asked to return another day. Donation center management should be contacted for further clarification on our dress code.
    • Personal hygiene – Good hygiene is practiced by Octapharma staff members and is expected for customers as well. Donors who do not follow good hygiene habits will be advised by staff and asked to return another day.
    To protect your privacy, please follow up with your local donation center staff directly to discuss the specific reasons for your deferral.

Donor Payments

  • I haven’t seen my payment. When should I expect it?

    Most Octapharma donors see payments appear on their Octapharma Plasma prepaid card within 24 hours after a successful plasma donation. If you have not received your payment and it has been more than 24 hours since your last donation, contact your local donation center.
    If you have a specific question about a payment amount or discrepancy, please contact a member of your local center management team for assistance.
    Octapharma uses two trusted vendors to load and monitor Octapharma Plasma prepaid cards. Their contact information is listed below. Occasionally technical issues might delay payments being added to cards. Octapharma Plasma works closely with our vendors to eliminate any delays.
    Northlane Debit Card Comdata Debit Card
  • Why is my actual payment different from the payment calculator?

    The calculator is an estimate only. It does not account for if you are receiving a new or unique donor fee structure and is designed more for a returning donor. Additionally, some Donation Centers may run their own special promotions/programs, so please ask your center staff about any specific programs they may be running.
  • How much money will I make?

    First-time plasma donors are eligible for a New Donor Bonus – that bonus can be hundreds of dollars the first month! Reach out to your local donation center staff to learn about New Donor Promotion amounts, regular payments, and current promotions at their center.
    Returning plasma donors are paid following every successful donation. There are a few variables that go into the amount you make on each donation. Our goal is to fairly compensate our donors for their generosity. The more frequently you donate, the greater each payout will be. Fees can vary month-to-month, so reach out to your center to find current rates and promotions.
  • How are donor fees determined?

    Octapharma pays for your time with extremely competitive donor payments, bonuses, and other loyalty rewards. Our goal is to make life-saving medications affordable, as well as fairly compensate our donors for their generosity. Together, we are changing and saving the lives of more than 3 million patients each year!
  • What does weight have to do with payment?

    The FDA sets the amount of plasma you can donate based on your height and weight also known as body mass index (BMI). As a general rule, the more plasma we collect from you, the more time it takes to donate. Payments reflect these different levels of contribution.
  • How do I receive my donor fee?

    Following every successful donation, your payment will be credited to your Octapharma Plasma prepaid card. Your card is reloaded after every successful donation.
  • Does every Octapharma center have the same donor fees?

    Donation fees are very similar across all Octapharma locations. Some locations have slightly different fees that reflect the unique aspects of the particular city. Donation centers may run their own special promotions/programs with prizes for donors, so please ask your center staff about any promotions they are running.
  • Why did donor fees go down?

    Octapharma occasionally runs limited-time promotions that reward donors for more frequent donations. So donor fees are not decreased, but rather returning to the normal fee schedule when the promotional period has expired. We recommend checking in monthly with your local center or online at to see current bonus offerings.


  • Can I donate?

    Yes, you can donate plasma if you’re between 18 and 70 weigh at least 110 lbs., and are in good health.
  • ¿Puedo donar si solo hablo español?

    ¡Hola! Los cetros de Octapharma Plasma aceptan donantes que hablan español. Para confirmar si su centro de donación local acepta donantes que hablan español, comuníquese con ellos mediante este enlace:
  • Can I donate if I have tattoos or piercings?

    Remember, your health and safety come first! Because of this, there is a four-month deferral period after you receive any tattoo. Piercings performed with a single-use device will result in a four-month deferral. This is an industry standard and critically important to your health. Speak to our center staff members to determine safe and accurate plasma donation eligibility.
  • Does my blood type matter/make me more money/Anti-D program?

    There is some confusion about this. Know that plasma doesn’t have a “type.” So, your life-saving plasma donation can be used to change the life of any patient, regardless of their blood type. To note, donors in our Anti-D Program might be eligible to earn even more. Enrollment will be determined by your local donation center management and hyperimmune department. You can check if your donation center offers the Anti-D program here

First visit

  • What should I bring with me?

    If you’re a first-time donor, you’ll need a current, valid photo ID (must be 18 years old), proof of your Social Security number, and proof of current address (such as a piece of mail postmarked in the past 30 days, or a current lease). Active military are to provide the address where they receive mail & their physical address.
    Our centers have free WiFi and HD televisions to help you pass the time while donating. Feel free to bring books, tablets, magazines, and music players or smartphones (with headphones, of course).
    Please note, phone calls and photography are not permitted in our donation centers out of respect for all our donors and their privacy.
  • What will my first visit be like?

    Get ready to relax. As a first-time donor, a staff member will greet you at the front desk and check your required documents. You will watch a brief educational video, take a free health screening and answer a medical questionnaire to assure safety, and then you can begin donating if you are determined to be suitable to donate. After a successful donation, you will be compensated for donation time. You can return for your second donation after 48 hours. For a more comprehensive explanation of what to expect as a first-time donor, visit
  • How long does it take to donate plasma?

    You should expect your first visit to take 1-2 hours. It will take a longer than normal donations because of the initial donor suitability screening. This screening includes a video, medical history, and extensive health questionnaire.
    Your return visits will likely take less time, and times will vary by center. We always suggest calling ahead before donating to ask about the days and times of the week where your donation time will be quickest. All centers should be able to offer a time estimate before you arrive.
  • Is there anything I can do to make the process faster?

    Donation times do vary throughout the day based on donor patterns. We have a few suggestions to minimize your donation time:
    • Always use OctaPass – this will save you time at the center by completing a questionnaire ahead of time and can be accessed online ( or with our mobile application (OctaApp).
    • Hydration – donors who are fully hydrated will reduce the donation time by several minutes.
    • Avoid peak periods – check with your center on the lowest volume times of the day and try to work those times into your schedule. Sometimes that isn’t feasible, but it is always good to know the off-peak periods of the day.
  • What does it feel like? Does it hurt?

    It’s pretty much unnoticeable. Most people compare the feeling to that of a prick or a pinch (much like what you would feel when donating blood).
  • When do I come back for my second visit?

    We cannot use your first plasma donation until after you make your second donation with us, fortunately however, we still compensate you for your first donation. Don’t forget to come back and donate again 2 to 14 days after your first visit.


  • Can I donate if I recently had COVID-19?

    If you were recently ill with COVID-19, there is a 2-week deferral time following the date of cessation of symptoms.
  • Can I donate if I have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine?

    If you recently receive a COVID-19 vaccine:
    • There is no deferral time with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines (nucleic acid/RNA origin vaccine).
    • There is a 14-day deferral time with Johnson & Johnson vaccine (live attenuated vaccine).
    • There is a 14-day deferral time if you do not know the origin or manufacturer of the vaccine.
  • What kind of medical screening do you do?

    We screen every potential donor to make sure you can donate plasma. During your first visit, we’ll do a health screening which includes a review of your medical history, and an in-depth health questionnaire. After that, your plasma donation visits will take less time because we’ll do a shorter health screening just to check your red blood count, protein, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and weight.
  • What kind of drug testing do you do?

    You can’t be under the influence of alcohol or drugs (for example, marijuana or meth) when you come in to donate plasma.
  • Why don’t employees change gloves between donors?

    Octapharma Plasma adheres to all FDA regulations in our donation centers. Any materials that come into direct contact with your blood during the donation process are sterile and used only one time. You can also request that staff change gloves at any time. Please talk to your local donation center about any questions you may have so we can improve your donation experience.


  • Can I download the OctaApp?

    The OctaApp is now available! The App functionality is only available for those you have already donated with Octapharma Plasma. If you are a first-time donor, you can download the app, however you will not be able to move past the login screen until after you have donated with us.
  • My app is showing a date far in the future for my next donation. Why?

    This is letting you know that the staff would like to speak with you prior to your next donation. Please call or stop by the front does at your local center. They will be able to assist you on this personal matter.


  • Why can I not answer questions in OctaPass?

    There may be a soft hold or deferral on your account. Please call or stop by the front desk of your local center for details on your specific situation. They will be able to further assist you.

OPI Rewards+ / Loyalty Program

  • What is OPI Rewards+?

    OPI Rewards+ is a customer loyalty program that recognizes, and rewards valued donors like you. As an OPI Rewards+ member, you earn points to qualify for tiered rewards including Express Passes, e-gift cards, and special sweepstakes promotions. Your OPI Rewards+ points add up to unlock higher levels of rewards throughout the year. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for your donations and for making a difference in the lives of others.
  • How do I join OPI Rewards+?

    It’s easy to join at OPI Rewards+. Once you are a member, you can login at any time to access additional program information, track your points, participate in special promotions, redeem your e-rewards, and even refer friends. You must be an Octapharma Plasma donor to join OPI Rewards+ and become a member. If you are a first-time donor, you will be able to join after your 2nd successful donation.
  • How do I earn OPI Rewards+ points?

    You earn OPI Rewards+ points for every successful plasma donation made at your local Octapharma Plasma donation center. OPI Rewards+ is an annual program, so it adds up your donations made from January 1 to December 31 in a calendar year. One donation = one point. Your points show up in your account within 2 to 3 days after every successful plasma donation. Login to your OPI Rewards+ account and visit the ‘Track Rewards’ page to view your progress.
    You can also earn extra OPI Rewards+ points by participating in our referral program and other special promotions or surveys featured throughout the year. You will be notified of these opportunities through the OPI Rewards+ program, so check back frequently.
  • What types of rewards are included in the program?

    OPI Rewards+ is a ‘tiered’ e-rewards program where members can access a combination of Express Passes, e-gift cards, and special sweepstakes promotions. Your OPI Rewards+ points add up to unlock higher levels of rewards throughout the year. Login to your OPI Rewards+ account and visit the ‘Track Rewards’ page to view your next level of rewards.
    OPI Rewards+ is an e-rewards program, so be sure to keep your email address updated in order to receive program updates, participate in special promotions, and access your e-rewards.
  • What if I have more questions about OPI Rewards+?

    Please visit OPI Rewards+ for a more detailed FAQ along with official Program and Sweepstakes Rules. Or contact

Referral Payments

  • I know the person donated, why have I not been paid?

    Most of the time, when we see a donor not being paid, it’s because the referral code was not applied to the first-time donation of who they referred. The referral code can only be applied during that very first visit. Additionally, payments are typically received within 24 hours of each donation.
  • Why was I only paid $50?

    Most likely, the person you referred has not donated a second time.
  • How much am I paid for each referral?

    You can earn up to $100 for each new donor you refer. You will be paid $50 after the first donation and $50 after the second donation. Payments are typically received within 24 hours of each donation.

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