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April 17, 2019 Marks World Hemophilia Day!

April 21, 2019 is the 29th year we've celebrated World Hemophilia Day! At Octapharma Plasma, this day is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the importance of our staff and life-saving plasma donors! Our donors' regular plasma contributions go a long way in providing health solutions for patients with Hemophilia.  

As a trusted leader in hematology, Octapharma is committed to the efforts that improve our healthcare professionals and patients’ understanding of hemophilia, as well as create a true experience of those living with this debilitating bleeding disorder. We believe that people with hemophilia can achieve great things in life when they get the medical care and information they need.

In celebration of World Hemophilia Day, check out the ‘Bombardier Blood’ film, an Octapharma USA-sponsored documentary on the Colorado climber Chris Bombardier, the first person with hemophilia to climb Mount Everest and the Seven Summits.

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4th Annual International Plasma Awareness Week Puts Spotlight on Plasma Donors

The 4th annual International Plasma Awareness Week (IPAW) will be celebrated October 9-15. IPAW represents a shared initiative by the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) and its member companies, including Octapharma Plasma, to recognize the contributions of blood plasma donors in changing and saving the lives of millions of patients every year. IPAW also raises global awareness about blood plasma collection, and educates the public on how plasma is used to create medicines that treat rare, chronic diseases, trauma, and other critical care procedures.

The week will be marked by a variety of awareness and education initiatives - both in the U.S. and abroad - including donor appreciation events, special events for patients and their families, and advocacy among healthcare organizations, government officials, and the media.

Judy Smith, Octapharma Plasma’s EVP and COO, said, “We are proud to participate in IPAW 2016 in recognition and appreciation of our loyal donors who regularly contribute plasma and help save the lives of patients worldwide.”

Plasma is a biological material that cannot be created in a lab, and millions of patients rely on plasma donations for the continued creation of life-saving medicines. Plasma-based medicines treat rare, genetic, and chronic diseases such as hemophilia and immune deficiency disorders. They are also used for trauma and burn victims and for critical care procedures like major surgeries, cancer treatments, organ transplants, and more.

To learn more about IPAW 2016, please visit

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Octapharma Plasma, Inc.’s Testing Laboratory Receives FDA Approval

On August 25, 2016 Octapharma Plasma, Inc. received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its new state-of-the-art testing laboratory. FDA regulatory approval will enhance Octapharma Plasma’s ability to expand their 2016 operations in collecting, testing, and supplying human blood plasma for the manufacture of life-saving medicines. Plasma collected in Octapharma Plasma’s centers is used in therapies that treat millions of patients each year with serious chronic and genetic diseases like hemophilia, immune-deficiency disorders, and for emergency medicine and intensive care procedures.

”With FDA approval we expect our Charlotte testing lab to be fully operational in 2016,” said Octapharma Plasma’s President Frederic Marguerre. “Vertical integration of our operations – from our donation centers, to our new testing lab, and to product manufacturing facilities in Europe – will allow us to have additional controls and ensure ongoing success in our mission to improve the health and lives of patients worldwide.”

Over the next 12 months, Octapharma Plasma plans to hire more than 20 new employees to operate the testing lab and process plasma samples from more than 70 plasma donation centers across 24 states. To ensure product quality and safety, employees will perform tests on each collected plasma unit and screen for the presence of specific blood-borne viruses.

Judy Smith, Octapharma Plasma’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, said, “We can expect the testing lab to support our ongoing commitment to the quality and safety of our plasma. Expanded operational capabilities give us flexibility in responding to the growing need for plasma-based therapies, and will have far-reaching positive implications for Octapharma’s donors and patients.”

Octapharma Plasma’s Charlotte, NC headquarters now house the new viral testing lab, an immunology lab, plasma processing areas, a plasma storage freezer, associated support areas, and corporate offices.

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Octapharma Continues Growth into 2016

Octapharma Plasma Inc., a U.S.-based company collecting blood plasma used in life-saving medications, announces the opening of its newest donation centers at 8602 W. Brown Deer Rd., Milwaukee, WI and 5943 South Blvd., Charlotte, NC. The blood plasma donation centers are the latest Octapharma Plasma facilities to support an active and growing network of donors across the country.

Octapharma Plasma’s Milwaukee donation center is the last of 8 new centers opened in 2015. Charlotte’s new South Boulevard center opened in January as the first of several planned 2016 additions, and joins current Ragan Drive and Milton Road locations in accommodating donors from Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

“I’m very excited to work within our community with a dedicated team that will make a difference in the lives of others around the world,” said Jessica Rickard, Center Director of Octapharma’s South Blvd. location. “Here’s to a successful new center launch rounding out 2015 and to opening our first 2016 center!"

Octapharma Plasma donation centers positively impact local communities by providing compensation for donors’ time, supporting local businesses, providing job and training opportunities, and more. New centers also make it possible for Octapharma Plasma to collect life-saving plasma used to create plasma-based protein therapies benefitting patients with immunodeficiencies, bleeding or blood-clotting disorders, traumatic injuries, and more.

Donors are compensated for plasma donations in the form of a VISA debit card after every successful donation. New donors can earn up to $250 for their first 5 donations. Certain eligibility requirements apply for donation.

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3rd Annual International Awareness Week Celebrates Plasma Donors

The 3rd annual International Plasma Awareness Week (IPAW) will be celebrated October 11-17. This specially designated week represents a shared initiative by the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) and its member companies, including Octapharma Plasma, to:

  • Raise global awareness about blood plasma collection
  • Recognize the contributions of plasma donors in saving and improving lives
  • Increase understanding about lifesaving plasma protein therapies and rare diseases

The week will be marked by a variety of awareness and education initiatives - both in the US and abroad - including donor appreciation events, as well as special events for patients and their families, advocacy and other healthcare organizations, government officials and the media.

“People throughout the world rely on plasma protein therapies which are developed through the generosity and commitment of plasma donors. PPTA is proud of the contributions we and our member companies make to saving and improving lives.” said Joshua Penrod, PPTA, Vice President, Source.

Plasma, a biological material that cannot be manufactured, is used to create lifesaving therapies that come solely from committed plasma donors. Plasma protein therapies are used by millions of people worldwide to treat a variety of diseases and serious medical conditions.

Octapharma Plasma is pleased to participate again this year in recognition of and appreciation for donors who help to ensure plasma-based medicines are available to save and improve patient lives.

To learn more, visit

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Octapharma Plasma Opens New Blood Plasma Donation Center in Madison Heights

Octapharma Plasma opened its doors on September 19th to a new state of the art blood plasma donation center in the Madison Heights suburb of Detroit. Located at 401 East 13 Mile Road, the center is now welcoming new donors to come learn more about donating plasma for use in medicines that help save lives.

Plasma is the liquid part of your blood that carries red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets through your body. Plasma is made mostly of water and proteins. Protein-rich plasma is used to create a number of life-saving medicines that treat patients with rare, chronic and genetic diseases. These plasma-based medicines are used in emergency medicine or trauma, for bleeding disorders like hemophilia and to treat patients whose bodies have trouble fighting infections because of immune disorders.

“We are thrilled to welcome new donors to our Madison Heights Octapharma Plasma donation center. By opening our doors, we hope to positively impact the lives of donors and their families, support local businesses, provide job opportunities, and become valued neighbors. Together we will work with our community of donors to save even more patient lives through the safe and simple donation process and ultimately, through the medicines our company develops from the plasma we collect.” said Rachel Isbell, Center Director.

New donors can contact the Madison Heights center directly for information on hours and eligibility at 248-597-0314. Donors are compensated for their plasma donations in the form of a VISA debit card after every successful donation. Certain eligibility requirements apply for donation. For more information, visit

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